An unusual and useful way to cook half - ripe plantains is to grill them.  Cuban cook Maricel Presilla cooks the peeled and diagonally halved fruit over a low fire, basting with oil, or even better, with her delicious Mojo Agrio.  Grill slowly, turning and brushing often with oil, until tender and creamy within.

    Black - ripe plantains are superb cooked as you would ripe bananas, because they hold their shape for a longer time and are therefore able to absorb more flavors and develop more complexity.


    PREPARATION: If you wish to peel the plantain before cooking, the way you go about it depends on the particular fruit and its stage of ripeness.  Black - ripe fruit can usually be peeled as you would a banana.  Other stages are unpredictable; most require this treatment: Rinse the plantain and trim the ends,  Cuts fruit across in 2 - 4 sections, depending on size.  The very thick, stiff peel is then cut lengthwise along its four ridges.  Remove each strip of skin, starting at a corner and pulling slightly crosswise, rather than down the length of each strip.  Remove woody fibers, if necessary, with a paring kniffe.

    NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS:  Plantain is relatively high in calories at 125 per cup.  It is an excellent source of potassium, a good of vitamin C, and low in sodium.


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