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    - They are such a versatile fruit, yet it is so misunderstood.  Referred to as a cooking banana, plantains are extremely popular in Latin American, Caribbean and Asia.  Plantains resemble bananas, but are longer, thicker and starchier in flavor.  In their native countries plantains are used more like a vegetable than a fruit.  They can be prepared in all, Stages of ripeness.  Plantains are usually serve fried, baked, mashed, sautéed, or even microwaved, with nearly no waste and with excellent taste.

    Selection and Storage

    - They sate of ripeness you chose depends upon how the plantain is to be cooked.  Kept at room temperature, the plantain will slowly ripen through every phase and store for a considerable amo of time.  Plantains should not be refrigerated unless they are at the stage you wish to maintain. (Refrigeration will hold that stage longer)

    Our Commitment

    - We at Sunshine Tropical are committed to provide you with the cleanest, most excellent quality plantain available today.  We make sure that our plantains are source from some of the finest agricultural growing farms in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Venezuela.  Our plantains are handle with care from time they are grown and packed of the time of delivery.



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